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Whatever your mental wellness needs, you can find support at Solace

At Solace, our aim is to enable people to find calm in a chaotic world. 
In the proximity of horses, we work together to build trust, confidence and connection.
We encourage people to develop the tools they need to make their light shine. 
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Do you have a recovery plan?

Equine Assisted Therapy could help you to

  • build on your personal strengths and

  • develop strategies that are transferable to social situations, work place/school and relationships

You may have been diagnosed with a mental illness and have a mental health recovery plan. We can work with you to develop therapy sessions that align with your plan and support you on your mental health journey. Sessions are personalised to meet individual client needs

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Hello, I'm Nadine

I'm owner operator at Solace. I hold a CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling and an Equine Assisted Mental Health Practitioner certificate. I'm registered with the Australia Counselling Association.

In addition to providing sessions at Solace, I work part-time as a Play Therapist with neurodiverse children. I also facilitate an Equine Assisted Mental Wellness program for NDIS and community funded participants for a not for profit organisation. I've previously worked as a Mental Health Support Worker for NDIS clients with complex mental health needs and have many years working in the field of Adult Learning and Development.

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Solace is registered as an official (NDIS) provider with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission).

Horses have been my Solace since early childhood, when I struggled with some cognitive processing issues that made it difficult for me to learn in a classroom setting. Spending time with horses helped me to improve my fine and gross motor skills and increased my capacity for following verbal direction and instruction. I went on to train as a Horse Riding Instructor and my passion for horses and supporting others has led me here…to Solace Equine Assisted Therapy

Meet The Herd


Ellie is a 24 year old Paint mini pony mare. She came from a show pony home and likes to be the centre of attention. She loves being groomed and will do anything for food.


Angel is an 18 year old Apoloosa mini pony mare. She is often playful and enjoys being led on walks. She's had many years as a show pony and is very easy to handle..


Bella is a 16 year old Thoroughbred mare. She was once a broodmare and has had many foals.

Bella is naturally calm and has a kind nature.


Drover is a 20 year old Australian Stock Horse gelding and has participated in many competitions and events.
Drover is a solid, calm and reliable horse who seems to take everything in his stride.


Services We Offer

Equine Assisted Mental Health Therapy

$155pp for 60mins

One to one sessions. You have a mental health diagnosis or you are experiencing symptoms associated with depression and/or anxiety. Work with a certified Equine Assisted Mental Health Practitioner in the presence of non-judgemental and horses to find your path to recovery and personal wellbeing.
Room Based Counselling

$100pp for 60 mins

Person centred, strengths based counselling in a private and quiet location. The therapy room is self contained and sits in a paddock, with a backdrop of trees and a view of the horse paddocks. You can choose to sit inside or out on the verandah. We offer a mix of traditional and holistic therapy styles. No referral needed. No long waiting list.
Mini Moments Equine Experience

$100pp for 60 mins

Session for 2 siblings Equine activities that support children with building confidence, connection, self esteem, self regulation and emotional resiliance. Sessions are with one or both of the marvellous mini ponies.
  • What is an Equine Assisted Mental Health session?
    An Equine Assisted Mental Health session combines credentialed mental health professionals and one or more therapeutic horses. The herd at Solace offer support and insight, working with the counsellor, guiding people to find mental clarity and personal peace. ​ Solace provides counselling and mental health therapy for people experiencing anxiety and depression, low confidence or self esteem, relationship challenges or communication difficulties. We also welcome those who simply want to look after their mental health in an ever changing world. ​ There is research based evidence supporting equine assisted mental health sessions as being effective in treating individuals with personal and psychological concerns, including: ​ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Substance abuse and addictions Depression and anxiety Stress Autism Spectrum Disorder ADD and ADHD Relationship difficulties Attachment issues, Low self-esteem Negative behavioural issues Eating disorders
  • How can Equine Assisted Mental Health Sessions help me?
    Horses provide unique, unconditional support and a safe space for you to share your feelings and concerns. Working with the horses in equine assisted mental health sessions can help you to develop: ​ Effective communication skills Healthy coping mechanisms Skills to support healthy nourishing relationships Confidence Self-worth and self-esteem Self-awareness Self-regulation and responsibility Skills for life Leadership and parenting skills Compassion and self acceptance
  • What can I expect in a session?
    You can expect to feel safe and supported throughout the session, both by the therapist and the horses that are there for you. A qualified counsellor who specialises in equine assisted mental health will facilitate your session. Together, we will begin to focus on your goals for therapy at a pace with which you are comfortable; you are the priority. ​ You will meet the horses with the counsellor and the session may involve you grooming the horses, leading the horses, playing with the horses, simply being with the horses or even engaging with the horses from outside the paddock. You are invited to explore and interact at your own pace while we ensure your safety and comfort. ​ You can engage in a variety of activities such as: Sitting or standing with the horses Observing horse behaviour Identifying body language for horses and humans Approaching and haltering a horse Moving safely around a horse Grooming and washing a horse Moving a horse in different directions Leading a horse over and around obstacles Moving a horse at different paces Finding out how horses respond to different stimuli Learning cues for communicating with horses Lifting the horses feet Interacting with a herd of horses Leading a horse on a nature walk Sessions will take place outside in the fresh air, and one or more horses will participate in the session. The horses are specially trained to be calm, safe horses. You will come to see why we value their authentic contribution.
  • Can I ride the horses during sessions?
    Equine Assisted Mental Health sessions at Solace are unridden which means you will be interacting with the horses from the ground. You are likely to have direct contact with the horses as part of the session and the therapist will make sure you are safely equipped to do this. However, studies have shown that simply being in close proximity to horses and connecting with them without physical contact can help clients with self regulation and encourage self discovery. This in turn can have a positive impact on the client's feeling of wellbeing and help them progress on their healing journey.
  • What if I've never been near a horse or I'm scared of them?
    Horses are generally large powerful animals that can move quickly. Clients might have had an unpleasant past experience with horses or they know someone who has. Most horse related injuries are from riding and those that do arise from contact on the ground tend to happen in high risk situations or when safety is overlooked. At Solace we take safety seriously and will endeavour to keep clients out of situations that may cause injury. The Solace therapy horses have been selected because of their calm and friendly nature. They've also been trained to work in close proximity with people and are generally accepting of how people might respond to them. ​ For those who find the sheer size of a horse intimidating, the mini ponies can be a great introduction to equine interactions. The mini ponies at Solace have had years of kind handling and training making them wonderful to work with.
  • What do I need to wear and bring to a session?
    You don't need any special clothing or equipment for sessions. Ideally wear long pants and long sleeves and a hat to protect you from the weather. Sunscreen and insect spray is recommended. Closed in shoes are a must for safety to avoid foot injuries. Clients may be invited to remove footwear during sessions as part of a somatic experience but only at the therapist's discretion. Please bring a water bottle that you can carry with you.
  • How do I make a booking?
    You can use the 'Book now' button on this website, on Instagram or on Facebook to check session availability and make a booking. Alternatively call on 0403 863 566 or email
  • How do I pay?
    Payment for a session is required before the start of each session. Client's can pay on the day by BSB, debit/credit card, cash or PayPal. Packaged and bundle price sessions must be purchased through the payment portal on the website. For NDIS funded clients, payment will be made according to their service agreement and the terms laid out by Solace. Services are claimable under item number: 5_043_0128_1_3 and description: Counselling. Equine Assisted Mental Health Therapy by a registered Counsellor comes under the catagory of Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living: Provision to a participant of a support to facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth, and the optimal development of personal resources, to help the participant work towards their personal goals and gain greater insight into their lives. ​ Room based counselling and holistic mental health therapy services without horses are also available for NDIS funded clients.
  • I have other questions...
    If you have any other questions you'd like to ask, open the chat box or contact us through any of the other channels given in the 'Contact Us' section of this website. We really would love to hear from you.
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